Monday, April 16, 2007

Sin, your composition is better. You need to indicate texture and surface more, since this will be critical when you go to paint. What is that at the bottom of the picture. Is it wreckage or a fallen tree? Plus, indicate the plane’s condition further. It looks too clean and not enough damaged.
Also, what is your focal point??? Is it the plane or that neg. space in the center. The overall gesture of the ship, accompanied w/ the framing of the tree, and pointing of the tree bark at the bottom (if that’s what it is), points our eye to the neg. void in the middle. If that is not your intent, you need to move things around. If it is, you need to make sure that its intentional and that the surrounding elements complement it convincingly.

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bfa07 said...

Hi Nino, I agree that the ship needs to have more instant crash patina, contrast in the materials(texture). The bottom of the picture is/are broken joshua trees caused by the crash. I plan to put the objects and trees in the foreground in silouhette. My focal point is the front of the ship. I plan on changing where Petro looks out of the ship. Possibly above the front cockpit. I would like to have Katrina as a second read. I'll make the corrections and post another follow-up,