Monday, April 16, 2007

Hi Nino, this is a follow-up of the crash scene for "Kins of Muroc". On the upper left are some ideations/ thumbnails of the scene. To the right is a rough line lay-in of the shot. Patina and storytelling details on the ship and enviroment will be considered, just a lay-in and follow-up of the piece for now. The foreground will be shaded in like the third thumbnail. Also in the shot, Petro Lash, the mage-like character, will be looking down and/or around in awe, he's the type that would say something like this:"...that was cool, lets do it again!", he will also be in amazment that they survived the crash and the beauty of the desert-like enviroment. In the future color-comp stage, I plan to experiment/ explore the different types of weather conditions and time-of-day. On the lower right of the page, That's a skecth of Katrina "the rogue/ theif", that's how she will end up like after the crash, she's annoyed by the crash and of how she landed. She's the one who was impatient with Petro's attempt with the inter-planetary space jump controls on the ship, so she kick the machine and cause the plane/ship to land where they are. Clock wise to the left is a line drawing of the ship minus the guns and options. Above it is the side silouhette drawing of the ship. Well I think that's it for now. I plan on posting the finished line drawing later today and if time permits, the value studies. Any comment and critiques would be great.
Thank you for your time,

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