Monday, February 26, 2007

Nelson: more body shape exploration

These are just a few of the new explorations that I did for the body shape of my race of characters. I went through some production design books and broke down the shapes of characters to see how the designers varied the forms/shapes. I took some of the ones that I felt I could work with as a starting point of these explorations. As far as the body type/look of the creatures, I do want to go for a reptilian look to the characters because I think its iconic. In terms of storyteling, lizards (as one aspect of storytelling) say "desert" to me. I hope that I'm going in the right direction. Next I will focus on the storytelling/design aspects of the clothing, accessories, and/or weapons. Any feedback would be appreciated.


This is my first pass that I brought to last Saturday's class. This was from my attempt to get the basic look for the race of creatures. My goal was to create a race of lizard-like humanoids. I went with this choice because I was thinking that this was a race that evolved this way because of their rocky, dry, and desert-like home. The main problems that were pointed out to me about the body shape was that I should vary my shapes and proportions more. I really want to get the look of the race down before dressing/adorning them.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Assignment 2

This is an image for a SOE character modeling test I'am going to do for this assignment. The character design is pretty close Nino's actual assignment, so I thought I would post to show everyone a good example of a character turn around as well as what I will be attempting to model for next class. Notice the poses with/without arm detached, for extra clarity.

Restrictions for the Modeling assignment:

  • Character polygon count: 3000-4000. + LOD ~1000 polygons.
  • UV texture map with zero visable seams.
  • 1024x1024 texture
Include a Log of working time estimates as well as a short description of working process.

Best Regards,

Claire Marshall

Nino's VisDev assignment part 2

1. Draw 5, 3/4 pose drawings of:
- Base model
- Hunter
- Rouge
- Mage
- Warrior

2. Choose 2 classes and draw turn arounds of the front, side and back of the character. One drawing should be male the other should be female.

3. Recycle your 3/4 of the remaining 2 classes for color studies.
Nino will be looking for how well you integrated the coloring of the characters so they look like they from the same culture but each class also has defining colors unique to its class. Choose a palette: complementary, spilt complement or analogus. Consider using variety of value and staturation. Bright colors have more visual weight and require less realistate for your visual attention, consider using neutral colors over most of you character.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

This blog showcases the work done by the 2007 senior class of the Illustration and Animation program at San Jose State University. Students are given the task to design a race of devils for a mock MMORPG fantasy video game. They are given similar directions that a concept artist would find in the professional field, and are to complete their design through various assignments done in an actual studio environment.