Saturday, March 31, 2007

ATTENTION CLASS: I would like everyone to bring drawing materials to the next class session (april 7). We will do a quick perspective excercise in class to go along with your interior designs. Also, as a reminder to all, start posting your work more often, and I will check your progress and leave comments more frequently.

This is to answer the question Nelson asked me in classs today. He asked how to divide a receding line properly into equal parts. Just for demo purposes, lets say we want to divide the vanishing line into 4 equal parts.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Nelson:New House


This is the new house I drew overnight. After talking with Niño, I realized that I really haven't been pushing myself or tying down my designs enough. He also pointed out that by not taking my work to a more finished stage, I am not discovering my full weaknesses. So, here is my new drawing, warts and all.

I realized that I really need to draw more and work in a smarter way. This drawing took longer than I thought it would and it was more difficult than it looks. I struggled with perspective for what seemed like forever, finally decided to forego the perspective (for now) and work it free hand.

I was going for an armored beast form to the house madeup of a rock mass. Since the race of creatures are more of an earthy "goat like" people, I wanted to tie in the rocky shapes and materials. Though the design isn't as extreme or pushed as I would like it to be, I am glad that Niño gave me this quick turnaround goal. Any comments are appreciated.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

steven gravano: inn

steven gravano: house

Nelson: House Explorations

Hello! Here are some of my explorations of the direction that I'm going in for my house/home. In thinking of my home there were a number of considerations I had. First, I was thinking about my "race" what kind of people they are and what kind of materials they would use. I thought rocky hillside (since they are evolved hooved creatures). I would think that they would seek out environments close to what they are used too. I'm thinking the placement would be somewhere high on a hill. My race of people would use natural materials like mud, rocks, and fabrics even that they would fashion themselves. I'm also thinking that they could be a used to somewhat of an agrigultural people. I'm also thinking about what a home could represent. It could be a haven, a place that is warm & inviting. Or it could be a defensive sanctuary where it looks formidable, but inside it is a place to feel safe and recuperate. I like the idea of a contrast between outside & inside. The outside could look intimidating almost gruesome, but the inside could be warm and comforting. The home could also be totally futuristic and unusual. I like the idea of huge, exaggerated shapes jutting out to push the extreme nature of the project at hand. I haven't gotten there yet, so here's my start for the homes.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lawrence: House Ideations

Hey Guys, here are some ideations for the houses that the devil creatures could live in. Now I had an idea that the ships that they crashed landed here could be the used as a house because it's not going to be used as a mode of transportation any time soon. After a bunch of scribbling and silhouette studies I chose some shapes that were interesting and decided to do some ideations of them. I like the space ship idea but it started to look too sci-fi. Then I started looking for influences to help my design and I looked at a lot of asian architecture since my character's costumes were influenced by that asian style (and also to give the design a "true" feel rather than made up). I also tried some designs where it looks a little more primitave because they used materials that they found to make these homes. I like the idea of maybe merging the spaceship and the home together so I might do more ideations for that. I like the spaceship idea because it gives the homes a lil bit of story to them and a lot of character. Is there any particular design anyone likes? Any comments would help, so I can begin to finalize the idea.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Jackson: painted thief

Hey Nino,
Here is the painted portion of the assignment. Feel free to leave any comments on how to make it better.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lawrence, I did a quick pass over your work. You have a good start, yet you can push the contrast further by adjusting the levels on the overall piece. View your painting from afar and make sure that it reads well from a distance. The entire form should read quickly and easily. Remember to keep it simple, stick to a single light source, and remain consistent throughout (the dark side on the weapon is inconsistent with the dark side of the figure). Also, think about form shadow and cast shadow on the figure. For example, the sleeve on the arm should progressively get darker as it turns from the light, and there should be a cast shadows in the appropriate areas when the form blocks the light. Also, remember that the shadow wraps around the form that it rests on. One last thing, is that its ok to loose information in the right areas where shadows meet. It’s a good way to design your value patterns and make the overall read more interesting.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lawrence:White Mage Color

Hey Nino. This is the colored version of my white mage. I chose a primary color palette but I kept her colors mostly a blue feeling to convey that idea about water (life giving). Is this working? Any comments on the color or even the way I'm approaching painting this piece.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Jackson: characters in progress

Hi there. Here are my characters in progress. I just wanted to make sure that I'm going in the right direction in regards to designing for modelers. If anyone has any suggestions or comments, please feel free. I will put the add ons soon. I'm excited to see which direction you guys push this!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Nelson:Character Body Shape

Anyone out there? Hi guys, for anyone involved, here are the basic body shapes I'm going for with my creatures/race. Sticking to the "lizard-motif." Just really wanted to make it work. Thinking of these people like a nomadic tribe from a desert world. Hence, the reptilian look. I want them to look fun too, so playing with the body shape was a process. The female of the race is basically playing off of the male body type, that's why there is not as much exploration. If anyone has any further suggestions I am open to them. Working on the looks of the different classes now. I also included a few explorations of the silhouttes for the "looks." Wish I would have thought of this sooner. Hey, its a process.-- Nelson