Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nelson:Thumbs First Set

Hello Niño, everone,

Here is my first batch of preliminary thumbs for my mood piece. Its pretty simple as I wanted to evoke the world & lifestyle in some way of my character. This first set (since we are aiming for 2 mood pieces) is basically the hunter returning home from the hunt. I like the idea of the solitary hunter returning after a difficult hunt, exhausted but with a big prize. I wanted to depict the land too. I see it as a very rough, dry, rocky, crumbling world. The forests are made up of petrified trees and the beasts fight for survival. I was looking at the original Star Wars work of by Ralph McQuarrie for some "mood" inspiration. Right now I'm liking the first thumbs of the top two rows and the ones through the woods because they look kinda voyeuristic. Mainly thinking of composition.

Hope to have my "Marketplace" thumbnails up tomorrow. This is it for now. Any comments are highly appreciated.