Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Randy's Character designs

Here are some character design Sketches for my version of Warcraft. All these demons will eventually have three levels of character designs. All these designs are a work in progress and more will be added to complete the set.

1st Level Warrior

This demon warrior is characterized by a dead soldier whose "wrath" takes on a physical form. At this first level, "wrath" takes on the form of a baby demon, escaping from the warriors mouth. It grabs a sword from the warriors belly as a weapon.

2nd Level Warrior

On the second level the demon is further developed, and bursts out from the soldiers head.

1st Level White Mage

The 1st Level Mage floats around with a sacrificial dagger, a small magic book, and a skull rosary. In order to cast a spell it must turn to the right page on the book, grab a victim with its rosary and sacrifices the victim with a dagger.

2nd Level White Mage

The book gets bigger and sits on his lap. The 2nd Level Black Mage takes its victim and sacrifices it on top of the book.

3rd Level White Mage

The 3rd Level Mage has a fork and a sacrificial knife and devours its victims to cast each spell. It has devoured so many souls that the mage becomes overweight.

1st Level Black Mage

The Black Mages power is through the word of mouth. It floats around in an iron cage constantly casting spells. Its words can be visually seen. In order to kill this character, its cage must be broken into.

2nd Level Black Mage

In the 2nd Level the cage is stronger iron maiden and it has barbed wires on the side as protection.

3rd Level Black Mage

In the Black Mages last stage, it becomes the resemblance of a Pope statue covered in golden jewelery. Although its beautiful in the outside, its words are even more vicious in appearance.

1st Level Rogue

This character is in total bondage. The Rogue is so strong its powers have to be restrained. When it attacks it bounces around as if it was in Cirque de Soleil.

2nd Level Rogue

The Rogue's restraints are released. Its fencing skills are uncanny and every time it attacks a fire trail occurs.

3rd Level Rogue

Anything goes with this character. It personally has an extra attacker (The King of Spades) and a shield (Queen of Spades). The Rogue itself pops out of a jack in a box which does a one hit kill.

1st Level Hunter

The hunter's favorite weapon is a chain whip which slowly morphs into a multi-eyed cobra. The hunter has an apple from The Tree of Life which he uses to control the cobra.


jehan said...

randy is crazy!

Laura said...

this is just too cool...

go randy!

Ping said...

These are so nice!