Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nelly, overall I like your direction and thought process. Your thumbs each have a good feel to them due to good value contrast and compositional choices. However, they can be pushed. Like all previous crits posted, be a little more clear with your shapes and definitions. Narrow down your story so that you can make more decisive choices. Ask yourself, what has he hunted? To whom or what is he returning to? How did he kill his prey? Etc. Be careful with your character silhouettes, and remember to push/ exaggerate size and shape. This will lead to interesting neg. and pos. shape interactions. I like your usage of the forest trunks to frame certain elements. However, try and vary the sizes to add to the sense of depth. Whenever you repeat similar shapes at various sizes throughout the composition, it adds depth.
Also, make sure your overall story composition reads quickly and easily from afar. Ask for someone’s opinion, and test it. Look at the thumb I posted. I showed it to a co-worker to test how it reads. I expect you to do the same.


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Nelson Hernandez said...

Awesome NiƱo! That simple little thumb you drew reads so quickly! I like it. Yes, I agree with what you said. I see what you mean, especially regarding size variation to add depth, clarity in defining shapes/objects, etc. Still working on clarity!

Still planning to have my other thumbs (for a marketplace scene) up within a few hours. Whatever I have by 6pm-ish, I'll post. That way I can go back to the earlier one (hopefully). Anyway, thanks for the helpful comments.

-- Nelson