Sunday, April 15, 2007

Linework Redo

Hey Nino,

based on saturday's crit, I have changed my line drawing. To add more storytelling, I have strung up skeletons in a cave that the devil enters. There are also dead smaller spiders hacked in half, as well as battle scars to the larger spider. I also tried to indicate a struggle by showing drag marks in the dirt, like you suggested to Nelson and Sophorn. I build the large spider usi

ng the grid technique you showed me, and the convergence is exagerated to make the spider seem bigger. I watched Pirates 2 like you suggested, and I understand what you meant by the emotional content caused by the kracken swollowing jack at the end. The mouth of the kracken took up most of the frame, and all the teeth pointed to jack: you knew he was going to be swallowed. I tried to keep that feeling, along with Leos' suggestion to bring the mouth closer to the devil, while keeping the informative downshot I had in my first drawing. I make sure the audience knew that it was an arachnid, I included a living smaller spider on a skeleton on the right hand side, pointing to the devil as if helping the larger spider. My main concern now is to fet the devil into a more dynamic pose, and to make it stand on the same plane as the large spider. I find that I could not replicate the pose by taking pictures of myself, Ifyou want me to post those too let me know. I also tried using the Sheldon technique of building the devil with shaoes, but It still seems wonky. Anything you think I should due to get it ready for painting please let me know. Otherwise, I am going to start making color comps and post those by tuesday. Thanks Nino, and the rest of the class, you helped me out a bunch

~ Steven

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