Friday, April 20, 2007

1st Mood: Orig & reDrawn

This is the grey tonal value study that I've been working on for the cleaned up and updated drawing. Been having some issues with color, so wanted to work out the greys first to see how it reads. Still having trouble with the read of the hunter. Its unclear to me. Had a suggestion to vary the sizes/shapes of the spears because they are too regular. One thing I am happy about in terms of direction is the look of the house before the hunter.

I've returned to my first Mood Paint drawing I've developed it further. I mainly concentrated on the background to make it clearer and the terrain more to my liking. My desert reference books inpired the terrain which I really would like to exaggerate further, but right now its at this point as I see it.

The character and the carcass still aren't resolved yet, but at the very least I reworked them a little. I do intend to show that the carcass is being dragged like you mentioned NiƱo, but like I said I haven't fully resolved the beast. Plus, right now I don't think that my "hunter" is reading as well as I'd like. I'll keep plugging away, for Friday night's upload. Any comments appreciated.

-- Nelson

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northierthanthou said...

Poor thing!

Interesting scene.