Thursday, April 19, 2007

Nelson: Where I'm At...

Hi guys,

This is where I'm at. As well as revising my previous weeks work, I have decided to revisit my "cliffside" marketplace. So I'm at the development stage still. I really want to create this environment so that I can use it in a mood painting. Again, I am posting ideations for the stalls and I'm happy with the direction that I'm going in. ├ůs far as the mood thumbs, again they are like last weeks as I am trying to figure out what kind of scene I want to create. I really want to work on the storytelling a lot more. Haven't quite figured it out or exactly what will be in the shop, but I am thinking that it is my warrior at a weapon's shop being offered some kind of special sword/mase by an old metalsmith possibly in the process of forging a weapon. Still planning on revisiting last weeks work, but wanted to make some headway on this. Any comments are appreciated.

-- Nelson

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Tony Bui said...

I am digging this work, Nelson.