Monday, April 9, 2007

Lawrence: Mood Thumbs

Hey Nino,
here are my thumbs for one of my mood pieces. I wanted to tackle an interior mood piece. So the story idea I had was that the top floor of the inn could be used as the base for these demons. So I wanted the mood to feel a little like a war room feel. While doing these thumbs I was thinking this moment is at night and the light from the roof will be very subtle so it feels a little mystical. When I think of war room I think of tables with maps and it has the light on the table. So i wanted to go with a more fantasy feel to it so, I haven't decided whether I was going with the digital map that shines all in 3-D (from their spacecraft machinery), or if the mage creates an image out of thin air of the terrain of the area. How are my thumbs working? I know they're really rough right now, but I was thinking of how the shapes would create a mood and how the eye moves around the composition. Any comments would help

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