Thursday, April 26, 2007

ATTENTION CLASS: Please bring in all your work to class this sat(april 28). I would like to continue working with you all in developing your final portfolios. Also, don't forget to finish and bring in your essay. Please help spread the word to your fellow classmates.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Nelly: Color Comps

Here are some comps. Trying to get a feel for the palette. Want it to be kinda eerie & alien. Using palettes from images of deserts at dusk, dawn etc. In my mind, it takes place at dusk. These are comps, so the palette will be "punched up." Trying to be careful with my color so it doesn't scream "eek."

Sunday, April 22, 2007

ATTENTION CLASS: As a reminder, we will be meeting this upcoming tues night (May24th) at 7pm to go over your submissions for the BFA gallery. Please bring in ALL your work, finished or unfinished. Also, don't forget to work on your essay! It's still due this sat.


Friday, April 20, 2007

1st Mood: Orig & reDrawn

This is the grey tonal value study that I've been working on for the cleaned up and updated drawing. Been having some issues with color, so wanted to work out the greys first to see how it reads. Still having trouble with the read of the hunter. Its unclear to me. Had a suggestion to vary the sizes/shapes of the spears because they are too regular. One thing I am happy about in terms of direction is the look of the house before the hunter.

I've returned to my first Mood Paint drawing I've developed it further. I mainly concentrated on the background to make it clearer and the terrain more to my liking. My desert reference books inpired the terrain which I really would like to exaggerate further, but right now its at this point as I see it.

The character and the carcass still aren't resolved yet, but at the very least I reworked them a little. I do intend to show that the carcass is being dragged like you mentioned Niño, but like I said I haven't fully resolved the beast. Plus, right now I don't think that my "hunter" is reading as well as I'd like. I'll keep plugging away, for Friday night's upload. Any comments appreciated.

-- Nelson

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lawrence, try to balance your compositing by cropping the frame to keep the viewer's eye to the areas you desire. Crop the top since you don't really need the
extra info, and on the right side to have the characters take up more of the space. Also, increase the overall contrast, and darken the background to avoid having our interesting traveling and staying back there. Your foreground needs work. It reads way too flat. Remember that the object's surface reacts to the light. The same goes for your character's form. I guessing that the focal point of the piece is the fire in the middle? Make it more appealing and clarify what exactly is in it. Also, get reference for your characters' anatomy! Have a friend pose for you and observe.


Nelson: Where I'm At...

Hi guys,

This is where I'm at. As well as revising my previous weeks work, I have decided to revisit my "cliffside" marketplace. So I'm at the development stage still. I really want to create this environment so that I can use it in a mood painting. Again, I am posting ideations for the stalls and I'm happy with the direction that I'm going in. Ås far as the mood thumbs, again they are like last weeks as I am trying to figure out what kind of scene I want to create. I really want to work on the storytelling a lot more. Haven't quite figured it out or exactly what will be in the shop, but I am thinking that it is my warrior at a weapon's shop being offered some kind of special sword/mase by an old metalsmith possibly in the process of forging a weapon. Still planning on revisiting last weeks work, but wanted to make some headway on this. Any comments are appreciated.

-- Nelson

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lawrence: Mood Rough

Hey Nino,

here is my mood piece as it is for now. I haven't painted the foreground elements on the right yet so I just sillhouetted them in black as a place holder for right now. I'm having a little trouble with the background. Should it be darker? I feel like if I darken up the bg it really pushes the eye to the focal pt (the fire pit). Any suggestions would help greatly, or even suggestions that yell at you "fix me". I want to get this as far as I can by saturday. Thanks